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A "We're Hiring" sign with office staff in the background.Diane Penny Web Design is expanding its services to clients with a new program which has resulted in several new openings. The positions that we are seeking to fill are graphic designer, production specialist, and web developer. The following are brief summaries of these positions, but you can read the full position descriptions by clicking "Read more”  which, links to the online position descriptions.

Graphic Designer – The desired candidate possesses the analytical ability to determine how their work is perceived by consumers and how to communicate the client’s message. He/she has the artistic ability to create interesting and appealing designs. We want someone with excellent communication skills who can interact with clients and internals teams to ensure that their designs meet expectations.  We desire someone who is efficient in using graphic design software in developing their designs. Our ideal candidate is creative and innovative, and enjoys finding new way to communicate visual messages. The candidate that we are seeking has excellent time-management skills and is able to juggle multiple projects while meeting time lines. Read more ...

Production Specialist – The desired candidate is technically savvy and possesses the artistic ability to understand color, texture and light. He/she works well as part of a team and is able to handle criticism and feedback. We want someone who uses computer programs or write code to produce solutions. We desire a creative thinker that can concept ideas and bring them to life. Our ideal candidate has excellent time-management skills and is able to meet deadlines. Read more ...

Web Developer – The desired candidate is focused and has the ability to concentrate while writing complex code. He/she is creative and able to be a contributing member of a design team to ensure an appealing and functional product. We want someone who is customer-focused with excellent customer service skills. We desire someone with a keen eye for detail, who is able to spot and fix coding issues quickly.  Read more ...

Important Information:

Diane Penny Web Design is competing for funding for a new program. If we are selected as a finalist for this award, we will be invited to pitch our program in December 2018. Therefore, filling these positions is contingent upon receiving the award. However, interviews will be conducted, and selections will be made for the best candidate for each position prior to receiving the award so that the selected candidate can travel with a team of four to California in December 2018 to assist in the presentation.

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