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A mobile phone and an illustration of a smart home.It's approaching that time of year when we settle into our homes in anticipation of long Winter nights surrounded by family and friends. We can enjoy this time of year even more if we make preparations for unforeseen events that could interrupt these sentimental times of the year. We may not be able to prevent every emergency situation, but we can do our best to prepare in advance for emergencies that could arise. Amazon carries an abundance of items to help us protect our families, home, and property.

1.Auto Glass Breaker – I’ve seen many news reports where a car catches on fire and the occupants can’t break the glass to escape. However, in these reports, quick-thinking bystanders always find a way to break the glass and free the occupants. The auto glass breaker is a small life-saving tool that no vehicle should be without. Not only does it break auto glass, but the top models also incorporate a seat belt cutter, flashlight, emergency blinker, and emergency alarm.

2.First Aid Kit – A first aid kit should be a staple in any home. Let’s face it, humans are fallible and subject to mistakes. So it’s not a matter of if you will need a first aid kit, but a matter of when you will need it. A first aid kit is a small investment to make to care for your family.

3.In Home Security Camera – In this era of high technology in-home security cameras should be considered standard appliances along with the refrigerator and stove. It’s a great way to monitor the activities of your children and pets when you’re not at home. It’s also great for catching home intruders in the act and providing footage that helps to catch them.

4.Multi-purpose Tool – There are times when you’ll need a tool for a specific purpose but can’t find one to handle the job. That’s where a multi-purpose tool will come in very handy. No one carries a toolbox around everywhere, but a single multi-purpose tool is portable and easy to carry.

5.Online Parental Controls – Children will more likely spend more time online during summer vacation than normal. Summer activities can keep parents very busy and cause them to become distracted from some parental duties. But with an abundance of online predators at work we don’t want to become distracted from monitoring the online activities of children. Online parental controls help us to monitor and prevent some of our children’s online activities and keep them safe.

6.Outdoor Camera – A strategically placed outdoor camera adds another level of security to your property in addition to the main monitoring system. For those places on your property that are out of camera view, a wireless camera will fill in the gap. Wireless cameras are inexpensive, but the added level of protection is invaluable.

7.Pool Alarm – While pools that are gated and locked protect families and communities, pool security can be taken to an even higher level with a pool alarm. If a child or pet falls into the pool, the alarm will sound in the pool and on your wireless device prompting immediate action.

8.Roadside Emergency Kit – A roadside emergency could happen at any time. Therefore, it just makes sense to be prepared for it by having a roadside emergency kit on hand. Knowing that your family members are prepared in the case of a roadside emergency brings some peace of mind.

9.Smart Deadbolt – This deadbolt can be opened using a keypad or a key. In addition, the alarm sounds when the device is tampered with. This device provides some added protection for your home and family.

10.Survival Kit – Disaster survivors will tell you that the things that are needed most after a disaster are everyday items. Some common items found in survivor kits are food packets, water, blankets, personal hygiene items, radio, and flashlights. It would feel great to know that your family is prepared for an emergency.

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