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Red sneakers surrounded by school supplies.A new school year is just around the corner! Students are looking forward to having new clothes and new school supplies for the new school year. However, some students will only get the things that they need for school with the help of others.

I grew up in a home with seven siblings. My father worked and my mother was a stay-at-home mom. When it was time to go back to school after summer vacation, we did not always have all the supplies that we needed. I dreaded the thought of standing at the bus stop wearing old clothes and carrying a tattered old book bag from the previous year, while my friends were dressed in new clothes and carrying their new school supplies. Fortunately for us, there were community organizations that came together to provide clothing, food, and school supplies for large families like mine.

I remember how good it felt to have new clothes and new school supplies at the beginning of a new school year. As an adult, I want all children to experience the same happy feeling that I experienced as a child. So, I routinely participate in school supply drives in my local community. My participation involves coordinating school supply drives at my church; contributing to other school supply drives and distributing information about school supply drives.

This article is just another way that I get involved in school supply drives. I encourage you to participate in school supply drives in your local communities. The happiness that a child feels when they have the things that they need for a new school year, lasts a lifetime. Amazon is having a 50% or more off sale on school and office supplies. For your convenience, we have provided this Shop at Amazon! link. Help make a child smile and change their life this school year.

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