Portfolio Projects

Image of author website.

R.W. Shelton Books

This author's website was designed for selling books, engaging readers, and distributing information on upcoming events.
Image of multimedia 1.

U.S. Virgin Islands

An animated banner ad and landing page promoting travel to the the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Image of website 3.

Alpha Tours E-Learning

This e-learning website provides social media marketing instruction to employees of Alpha Tours.
Image of multimedia 2.

Nature’s Beauty Video

An video presentation of urban New York City and the transition to a tropical island paradise.
Image of multimedia project 3.

Online On-Boarding

This WordPress interactive infographic, parallax website is used for on-boarding new hires.
Image of website 2.

Street Construction Group

The jQuery elements of the Street Construction Group website provides an interactive experience for its users.
Image of website.

Roux Academy

The Roux Academy website provides information on Bachelors and Masters degrees in Fine Arts.
Image of Diane's Handmade Accessories website.

Diane’s Handmade Accessories

This database-driven website allows users to search for, and display items of interest to them.
A machine constructed of mobile devices.

Computer Critter Chris

A collage of mobile devices and peripherals with a background of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module.
Diane Fashions sign.

Diane Fashions

A sign for a clothing line that specializes in sophisticated fashion apparel.
An advertisement for a 19th century screenplay.

Theater Playbill

An early 19th century playbill for a theater performance of George Bizet's Carmen screenplay.

Street Construction Group Logo

This logo is symbolic of the channeling involved in the construction of manholes and stormdrains.
Lanham Art Show poster.

Lanham Art Show

A composition of color, shapes and typography is used to create this art show poster.
A logo for a cleaning company.

Semper Sanitize Logo 1

First logo option for a cleaning company for a Marine Corp veteran.
A logo option for a cleaning company.

Semper Sanitize Logo 2

A second logo option for a cleaning company for a Marine Corp veteran.
Pineview Nurseries sign.

Pineview Nurseries Sign

A sign that features a tetrad color harmony digital artwork composition of a garden.

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