Install WordPress in 5 Smart Steps

In my last article titled, "5 Smart Steps to Getting a Website,"  I shared information about the initial steps to take to get a website. Hopefully, you were able to use that information to determine the type of website that you want, choose a Web hosting company, and select a hosting plan. Now that you’ve […]

5 Smart Steps to Getting a Website

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from new website owners regarding setting up their website or blog. For example, should I use or Should I sign up for a free hosting account? Can I set up Google Adsense on my free hosting account? In this article, I describe the first five […]

Web Designer: Leader in the Digital Marketing Domain

The technology advances of today and the rate at which it is constantly changing requires a workforce that knows how to navigate today’s digital marketing domain. While there are many areas of specialization in the information technology field, there is only one specialization that covers the full spectrum of digital marketing, and that is the […]