Digital and Traditional Marketing Trends for 2018

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The World Wide Web and the Internet ushered in opportunities for marketing that have never been seen before. The increasing use of digital media by consumers is the catalyst that is driving new and innovative ways for advertisers to market products and services. Vast consumer use of digital media has created the need for businesses to engage consumers in their digital worlds. However, the new trends in social media marketing are not limited to digital media, but instead integrate traditional and digital marketing techniques.

Online Marketing Techniques

  • Define Your Social Media Objective – Are you building your brand, updating a brand, or reaching new markets?
  • Establish an Online Marketing Strategy – Determine if your digital media accounts will include directories, social networks, trade organizations, newsletter subscriptions, etc.
  • Develop a Social Media Governance Plan – The benefits of social media marketing continue to increase along with the risks. Therefore, it is important that advertisers document and implementing social media procedures for the organization.
  • Plan to Address Threats to Your Reputation – An effective social media marketing plan includes risk management strategies. Organizations should establish, implement, and train staff on procedures for responding to inappropriate communication or conduct.
  • Develop an Organization-wide Social Media Strategy – Include other departments within the organization in the social media marketing plan.
  • Identify Your Target Market – Determine the age, education level, income level, and/or geographic location of your target audience.
  • Determine How You Will Reach Your Target Audience – Engage your audience where they are. What digital platform do they use?
  • Use Digital Platforms Appropriate to the Brand – Social media networks should fit in with the image of your brand.
  • Connect Social Network Accounts – Connect your social networking accounts so that they all link to you.
  • Use the Same Logo or Photo on All Platforms – Using the same profile image will help you gain visibility while building a recognizable brand image.
  • Provide Relevant Content – Consumers are much more likely to engage you if the content is relevant to them. Share holidays and memorable moments with your audience. Update your network on the activities of your organization. Participate in network and group discussions by commenting and asking questions. Last but not least, check your content for grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Incorporate Photos and Video into Content – Advertisers should include photos and videos in their marketing activities because photo sharing continues to be very popular, and many social networks have added video capabilities in addition to photo sharing. Create a training video on something that you’ll good at doing, or share a video of a community event hosted by your brand.
  • Embed Video Content Into Your Other Social Networking Accounts – Embedding video content will extend your reach and link your content to your other social networking accounts.
  • Engage Consumers Professionally – Techniques for engaging consumers professionally include: remaining neutral on heated topics; handling negative comments gently; and staying active and positive.
  • Monitor Consumer Data – Consumers’ social media activity generates information that enables advertisers to refine their marketing strategies and gain insights into consumer behavior. There are a number of social media monitoring services to choose from, however Google Analytics; a free Web resource, allows advertisers to customize reports to measure activity generated from social networking sites and other digital platforms.

Traditional Marketing Techniques

  • Advertise in Print – When you consider that digital news readers only scan the news and spend less than five minutes reading, you’ll realize that newspapers still carry significant weight because newspaper readers spend a significant amount of time actually reading.
  • Host In-person Events – Opportunities to engage with consumers face-to-face establishes a more meaningful connection to your brand.
  • Establish a Point of Contact – Online businesses are trending toward establishing physical locations as extensions of the business and as a means of creating a tangible customer experience.
  • Freebies – Free gifts offer consumers a tangible experience. In addition, someone wearing a hat or tee-shirt with your logo serves as your brand ambassador.

Mobile Devices

  • Ensure Accessibility on Mobile Devices – Ensure that your website is accessible on all mobile devices to engage consumers wherever, whenever, and however it is most convenient for the consumer.
  • Invest in Digital Apps – Enables advertisers to distribute personalized and relevant content to consumers.

The most effective approach to marketing today is to develop a social media marketing strategy that integrates traditional and digital marketing techniques. Social networks have become very popular platforms for advertisers to target their audiences; engage consumers; and experience real-time marketing. Digital media is here to stay and its role in e-commerce will continue to increase along with its risks. However, advertisers with effective social media marketing strategies will find that the benefits of social media marketing far outweigh the risks.

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